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EdTech Inquiry – Creating Digital Portfolios Using Freshgrade

Assessment can be overwhelming without a solid system of organization. Teachers collect evidence of learning through artifacts and can keep in a physical portfolio, or can link them digitally. FreshGrade is a commonly used digitally based assessment program that creates… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection: Online EdCamp

This week in class, we met in an online Edcamp forum. I wasn’t sure what to expect and so the introvert in me felt a bit awkward. I was expecting each room to have a facilitator, but since that wasn’t… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – Miniwheats!

As I scarf down a bowl of sugary Miniwheats in 1 minute flat before class, I realize that this isn’t a great way to end my free inquiry. My goal was to prioritize myself, but the fact that I’m attending… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – Gaming in Education

This week we met Heidi James and some of her middle and high school students who have used, and advocate for using, Minecraft in education. Heidi spoke passionately about the engagement and benefits for students of using gaming in education… Continue Reading →

Weekly reflection – Tracy Humphreys from BCEdAccess

Last week, Tracy Humphreys met with us to discuss technology and inclusion. She is a parent who has become an advocate for students with various disabilities to gain access to an equitable education. There was so much value in Tracy’s… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – Creating my own energy

I am SO tired. With the time change, juggling kids & school, insomnia, my husband working from home, and feeling the end of winter blues, motivation is at an all time low. The last few weeks of March are going… Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – Preparation

When it comes to success in a weight loss journey, it always comes down to preparation and perseverance. I find when I’m doing really well and having a healthy week, it’s self-perpetuating. If I am exercising, I am eating right…. Continue Reading →

Free Inquiry – Getting started, again.

My first few weeks on Weight Watchers have been a bit of a roller coaster as I adapt to saying “no” to so many things: Husband: “Another glass of wine, Love?” No. Mother-In-Law: “Dessert? You must want dessert”. No. “Just… Continue Reading →

Weekly Reflection – Modality and Pedagogy

This week we discussed Modality in Education. We talked about the different modalities and how the term “online learning” isn’t easy to define anymore. It’s no longer just in-person or online because virtual learning now takes many forms and trying… Continue Reading →

Protected: Free Inquiry – My relationship with my weight

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